Project Jasmine Services

Project Jasmine services fight back against domestic violence and gun violence in America. As the parents of someone who was taken away by domestic violence, we believe it’s our life’s purpose to do everything in our power to stop what happened to our daughter from happening to anyone else.

Read below to see the services our organization provides, as well as events including domestic violence and gun violence awareness fundraisers, and get involved in any way you can. Thank you for your donation in honor of our of daughter Jasmine.

Project Jasmine Services

If you or someone you love is in a dangerous situation, contact a domestic shelter today. To learn about domestic violence and gun violence, visit our resources.


Everyone deserves to be safe in an intimate relationship. Through community resource counseling, we will strive to help men and women get the support they need. Counseling encourages others to address their traumas and struggles while reducing their risk of domestic abuse in the future.

Community Workshops

Community workshops sponsored by Project Jasmine focuses on educating participants on the statistics of domestic violence and gun violence in America. We offer a safe environment to learn the signs of abuse and facilitate open dialogue on prevention.

Community Outreach Events

By sponsoring community outreach events, Jasmine’s story will be heard in efforts to encourage someone who is in a situation to leave and to mitigate the horrific events that happened to Jasmine from reoccurring. Violence does not discriminate. Pledge your donation or join us at the next event.

The Jasmine Scholarship Fund

Jasmine received her post humous degree in Medical Assisting. She was one month away from graduating. In her memory, Project Jasmine’s Scholarship Fund initiated. The scholarship provides deserving applicants who apply with financial aid to assist in their goal of attaining an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting. Project Jasmine also supports CNA students and Nursing Students. Donations to the Project Jasmine Scholarship Fund will help students with the cost of classes, books, and materials.  

Our Future

In Jasmine’s honor, purple scrubs will be donated along with penlights, stethoscopes and other supplies that students will need to be successful.

Project Jasmine to sponsor students to attend CNA courses to obtain certification.

Keep Jasmine’s legacy alive. Get involved. Together, we can make our communities a safer place. Join us in our fight against domestic and gun violence.